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   Advancing Healthcare Delivery

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Focused in Human Care & Health Care Delivery

About Us


Cyglera Health Systems

Cyglera Health Systems is focused on health, wellness,    prevention and disease management. Our goal is to promote health and wellness in the community and workplace and to foster an atmosphere of education and engagement with health and wellness programs.

Cyglera helps healthcare providers become more Patient Centric by offering solutions that empower patients to take an active role in the exchange of accurate and up-to-date medical information. This helps make any office or hospital daily routine much more Patient Centered.

We provide Innovative Healthcare Technology products that are Scalable, Interoperable and Customizable to support Multiple Practice Desciplines, Clinical and Business Management and Secure Medical Information Exchange. We assist patients, physicians, healthcare systems, third-party payers and government agencies in their quest for a healthcare system that is, easy to use, interoperable, efficient in delivery and secure.

Our solutions permit users to electronically follow and document all patient health transactions.

Cyglera also offers Disease Management Tools to record outpatient data directly into the health record, thereby providing more efficient disease management, treatment and care.

Our Mission


Advance the quality of healthcare delivery by optimizing efficiency and productivity via innovations that will enhance personal health and wellness.


Our Vision


To provide and support all customers with user-friendly Innovative  Technology Solutions that will promote efficiency in all aspects of health care, patient care and service.

Our Principle


Standing behind the Mission and Vision are our principles for operating the business – with a focus on agility, trust, integrity and innovation – all of which keep us closely connected with our customers.

Copyright 2011 by Cyglera Inc.

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