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Thursday, January 23, 2020
CogniFit Brain Fitness




Stay mentally sharp for years to come

CogniFit Personal Coach is scientifically designed to improve and maintain cognitive health, allowing people to lead more active, healthy, and productive lives. It is developed for healthy adults who wish to maintain and/or improve their cognitive skills, as well as for people with various health related conditions. It provides an effective way to guard against the gradual decline in mental sharpness that is a natural but preventable consequence of aging.

The program starts by assessing key cognitive abilities and establishes a personalized training program designed specifically for each user. The patented Individualized Training System™ continuously adjusts the tasks in real time to insure optimal training.




Stay smart, stay fit, stay healthy with CogniFit Personal Coach

Cognifit ScienceCogniFit Personal Coach starts by providing you a scientific assessment of your individual strengths and weaknesses before you begin your training. This allows the program to be personalized and deliver optimal cognitive training to maintain and improve those skills essential for an active and healthy life.

Thanks to the personalized baseline assessment and feedback that CogniFit Personal Coach provides, you can be sure of always receiving exactly the challenge you need in order to efficiently train your cognitive abilities.
Why it Works

CogniFit Personal Coach is effective because it creates a cognitive training program that is personalized specifically for you. Before you begin your training, you take a 30-minute baseline assessment of your cognitive abilities. Using this information, Personal Coach develops a program of exercises that is designed to provide improvement exactly where you need it and at the strength level right for you. CogniFit offers a powerful combination of personalized training and scientifically proven methodologies.

Personalized CogniFit Personal Coach begins by assessing your cognitive abilities to create training specifically for you. As you train, the program adjusts to reflect your progress and make sure that your training is not too easy and not too hard, but always challenging and fun.
Comprehensive CogniFit online training exercises 14 key cognitive abilities, to promote overall brain fitness and mental conditioning. Since most everyday tasks require a combination of cognitive skills, this comprehensive approach produces excellent results that you can feel in your daily life.
 Responsive CogniFit Personal Coach analyzes and responds to your current situation and your rate of progress to provide exactly the training you need when you need it. So if you’re feeling tired on a given day, your current session will reflect that and adjust your tasks accordingly.
Engaging & Fun CogniFit Personal Coach presents you with a wide range of scientifically designed tasks and exercises that will keep you continually interested, challenged, and engaged as you improve your cognitive skills.

Here is How CogniFit Training Works

Let our coach show you the way. Launch this animation to learn how CogniFit Personal Coach works by providing you a personalized online brain training program that exercises key cognitive abilities.
How It Works

Now that you’ve seen an introduction to some of the science behind CogniFit Personal Coach, here’s an outline of what will happen after you begin the program:

  • First, you take the initial assessment to measure your baseline profile across the 14 key cognitive abilities.
  • Then you go online and complete your first 20-minute training session that has been created for you based on your assessment. Below is an example of the chart you will see after you have taken the assessment and started training. The blue bars show the improvement you have achieved over your Baseline Assessment performance. The green bars show the new goals for your next cycle of training. The percentages next to the bar show the level of improvement you should expect to see by the end of the next training cycle, as compared to your Baseline Assessment performance.

Cycle Goals

  • For best results and maximum improvement, we recommend that you train 3 times per week, with at least one day of rest between training sessions.
  • As you progress through a cycle of 24 training sessions, CogniFit Personal Coach creates a customized training regimen that’s based on your previous session. Below is an example of the Session Chart, which shows you exactly where you are in your training cycle:

Session Meter


  • During each training session, your Personal Coach offers feedback and encouragement along the way. The exercises regimen adjusts to reflect your progress and to make sure that you’re training at optimum efficiency.
  • Following each session, a record of your progress is created and saved for your reference.
  • After you have finished a training cycle of 24 sessions, you will receive a complete assessment of the progress you’ve made. This assessment also establishes a new set of personal training goals for your next cycle.

Try The Free Training Demo

Launch our introductory demo and enjoy a free sample of an assessment task and two related exercises that you’ll be doing when you begin using CogniFit's online training.

Find out for yourself how the training works. Try a few of the brain fitness exercises from CogniFit Personal Coach. Each one is scientifically developed to work on one or more of 14 key cognitive abilities.

Cognitive Brain Research - Scientific Validation

Over the past 20 years, a revolution has occurred in the way that scientists think about the relationship between cognition and the brain. Contrary to early beliefs, modern researchers have now established that the brain remains malleable throughout a person’s life span.
The following section presents several studies that CogniFit has conducted in collaboration with scientists at recognized scientific institutions, including major universities and hospitals. We have also included studies of other prominent sources related to our own investigations.

Latest CogniFit Research (click title to download PDF)

CogniFit Personal Coach for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
The findings are evidence that cognitive training can significantly improve a wide range of memory skills in MS patients.
Article published in NeuroRehabilitation 26 (2010) 143–153.

Cognitive training with CogniFit Personal Coach boosts reading skills in dyslexic students
When dyslexic college students trained with CogniFit Personal Coach®, their brain activity, working memory and reading performance were shown to increase significantly, and results lasted up to six months after training.

CogniFit Personal Coach Program Improves Cognitive Abilities Among Older Adults
People who played computer games showed an improvement in performance, but for people who used CogniFit Personal Coach, the improvement was significantly greater.

Improving Cognitive Performance in Elderly Subjects Using Computerized Cognitive Training
The results show that systematic, individually tailored training can improve several important functions. Abstract published in Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association, July 2008 (Vol. 4, Issue 4, Page T492)

Chronic Insomnia and Cognitive Functioning Among Older Adults
By using the MindFit assessment of cognitive skills, this study implies that insomnia may have detrimental effects on some cognitive functions in healthy older adults.

Grants and Awards
CogniFit brain fitness programs have been recognized and honored with awards of excellence by the following organizations:


Cognifit Recognition

CogniFit Personal Coach

  • The 2009 International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) Innovative New Product Award for Active Older Adults
  • 2009 New Product and Technology Awards from the Mature Market Institute
  • 2007 American Society on Aging, Business and Aging Award
  • NCHH Wellness, Prevention and Fitness Convention, Best Program for Improving Employee Health
  • DriveFit
  • 2003 Prince Michael Road Safety Award


Cognifit Personal Coach


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