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   Advancing Healthcare Delivery

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Focused in Human Care & Health Care Delivery


Transforming Patient Centric Care Delivery

Cyglera provides outcome-based, health care provider-guided, cost-effective solutions that help providers adopt patient-centered care and empower patients to take charge and self-mange their health.

Cyglera helps healthcare providers become more Patient Centric by offering solutions that empower patients to take an active role in the exchange of accurate and up-to-date medical information for better health management.

Nutribasic Lifestyle & Disease Management

Nutribasic™ Lifestyle and Disease Self-Management Portal is a secure online platform that allows Healthcare Providers and Corporate Wellness Providers the ability to Educate – Engage and Empower their patients or employees to take charge of their health.

Key Features

  •  Generate thousands of customizable meal plans for various caloric levels, health conditions, and ethnic cuisines.
  • Motivate and empower people to SELF-MANAGE chronic conditions such as:
            o    Diabetes Management,
            o    Cardiovascular Diseases Management,
            o    Obesity and Weight Management
  • Track and monitor patients or employees in their quest to live better and healthier lives.
  • Obtain up-to-date detailed reports on your patients or employees progress.
  • Review patient or client progress in-comparison to treatment goals with graphical reports.
  • Individualize nutrition and activity plans based from measured RMR, occupation, sleep duration, and activity level.
  • Access our database of over 150,000 foods and 1,200 various physical activities.
  • Exchange information and communicate with your patients/employees through a HIPAA compliant, secure messaging system.

“Everyone has the power to improve their health, given the right tools and support!”


iHelix Integrated Information Systems

iHelix platform has five major solutions iHelix MD (an integrated solution for physician practice), iHelix Hospital (an integrated solution for hospital), iHelix Telecare (Remote consultation for patients), iHelix lite (solution for mobile clinician) and iHelix platform (custom solution for healthcare organizations).

Key Features

  • Highly configurable and built in open Architecture.
  • Supports HL&, IHE, DICOM standards and HIPAA compliant
  • Supports multiple facilities, Database and Operating System agnostic and supports wide range of Diagnostic devices
  • Configurable Business Rule Engine, Alert System and Workflow
  • Greater visibility of Clinic / Hospital performance for Management,
  • Survey based Quality Measuring System
  • Automates every Hospital and Clinic Process.
  • Specialty specific configuration.
  • Enables different Healthcare Business Models.


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Patient Check-in Kiosk

Patient Check-in Kiosk

Cyglera Patient Check-In Kiosk adds patient convenience, allowing them to identify themselves upon arrival at the facility, view and confirm demographic and insurance information, electronically sign consent documents, perform surveys and much more ......


Biometric identification, insurance card scanners, cameras, privacy screens, and payment transaction devices streamline patient and work flow, improve financial performance, ensure HIPAA privacy compliance, and provide patients with dramatically improved service.

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Clinical Management

Clinical Management Systems - iHelix - An Integrated Healthcare Solution

  • iHelix MD
  • iHelix Hospital
  • iHelix Lite
  • iHelix Telecare

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Nutribasic™ Wellness Portal

Nutribasic™ LifeStyle Wellness Portal provides the right tools for:

Consumers, Healthcare Providers, Disease Management Organizations, Fitness and Wellness Organizations, Insurers and Corporations in their quest to create lower healthcare costs by motivating people to live more active and healthy lifestyles.


Tools that:


• create Empowerment and Engaging experience to living active and healthy lifestyle.
• provide unique and compelling value to each of the markets we serve

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Nutribasic and iHelix Intergrated And Interoperable Healthcare Information Solutions



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