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Thursday, January 23, 2020



Today’s competitive business environment, together with rapidly changing technology, has made Leasing the most attractive method for organizations to acquire capital assets.

“Prescribe” the right financing for your organization to improve the health of your business.

Our leasing program will allow you to avoid issues associated with technology obsolescence and declining equipment values. Enquire about how our cost effective financing solutions will enable you to acquire capital equipment today for a low monthly cost.

Lease Financing




Lease financing is quickly becoming the preferred method for most businesses to acquire IT equipment. Read on to find out why:


Ease of Acquisition

Once you have selected the appropriate equipment, the acquisition simply becomes a matter of affordable monthly or quarterly payments.


Term and Payment Flexibility

No two businesses are alike; and leases can be structured to suit your unique requirements.  This means that the term and frequency of payments can be customized to suit your business cycle.


100% Financing

Lease financing is 100% financing.  This means that hardware, software and any extras that are needed to operate the equipment can be financed, enabling you to walk out the door with a “Total Solution”.  100% financing is not typically available from banks.

Cost Justifiable

It is very easy to determine the cost/benefits associated with leasing equipment.  Simply divide the monthly or quarterly lease cost by the number of days the equipment will be in use.  You will quickly see how the day-to-day advantages of using the equipment are related to the lease payment.


Preserves Existing (and future) Credit Lines

Lease financing enables you to acquire the products you need, without tying up your existing or future bank credit lines.  For companies that require short term borrowing capabilities, lease financing can be a tremendous advantage.

Self Financing

When you use lease financing as a method of equipment acquisition, you inevitably make your lease payments from the dollars generated by your business.  In this sense, the equipment that is used to help generate revenues pays for itself.  Expenses are matched to revenues.


Ease of Budgeting

Unlike bank financing, which is often subject to fluctuations in interest rates, lease payments are “fixed” over the term of the lease.  You can therefore manage your cash flow budgeting with ease and comfort.

Payment Convenience

Keeping track of payment due dates is simplified when you take advantage of the “Pre-Authorized Payment Plan”.  Not only does this direct-debit method cut down on your paperwork, it reduces the incidence of late payments and charges as well.


Product Flexibility

Lease financing enables you to respond to your growing needs by upgrading or replacing your equipment at any time during the lease.  This could be a significant advantage if your business requires continually updating your technology.


Tax Advantages

Lease payments are tax-deductible, subject to Revenue Canada guidelines. This means that by leasing instead of using a loan or paying cash, you can reduce the amount of tax that you pay.  Be sure to speak to your tax advisor about this important area.




1.            No outlay of capital required: capital conserved can be used to finance other projects.

2.            Does not affect existing credit lines.

3.            Leasing may reduce your taxable income: increasing your disposable income.  Certain tax benefits may apply.

4.            Fixed Monthly Payments-easy to budget, providing peace of mind knowing payments will not increase if interest rates do.

5.            Flexibility to upgrade all or only a portion of your equipment to new technology at any time during the Lease.

6.            Quick, easy approval system – we work within your time schedule; no appointment necessary.

7.            Matching of expenses and revenues – it makes good business sense to pay for the equipment as it earns revenue for you. Your revenues generated should outweigh your lease payments.

8.            Operating, Capital and Technology Refresh Leases all available.



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