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   Advancing Healthcare Delivery

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Focused in Human Care & Health Care Delivery

Managed Services

IT Support

Today, technology has become an integral part of operating a business. In fact, for most businesses IT has become the #2 budget item after human resources. Not only do most companies over-spend on information technology, but the technology is highly depreciable and requires significant ongoing maintenance and support costs.

Cyglera would like to illustrate how you may be spending too much on IT and IT support and help you to change that!  Most IT services today are delivered on a reactive level. In other words, something breaks then you contact your service provider and arrange a repair.  This could take an unnecessarily long period of time, meaning that you are unproductive while awaiting repairs.  There is a movement toward managed IT services and companies are beginning to see the benefit of operating at a proactive level.  At Cyglera, we will show you how you can spread your technology costs over a longer period of time, anticipate IT problems before they occur, and significantly diminish or eliminate down time.  All for less than what you are paying now!

The Next Level

Connected Office

Connected Office is a service suite that empowers people to operate, communicate and manage their small and medium business more effectively. Figure 1 below provides an overview of the various components of Connected Office.

Our current release, Connected Office 2.0, focuses primarily on Operations and Communications services, and is supported by our Utility Service Center remote support portal. A detailed service roadmap is available upon request.

At a macro level, our view is that the purpose of technology is to empower people to be more effective and productive in achieving the objectives for a business. By viewing technology from this perspective, there are three key outputs from technology for a business:

  • Operations - provides the ability to execute on daily tasks in a highly efficient manner.
  • Communications - provides the ability to communicate information about your business to customers, prospects and other stakeholders.
  • Management - provides the ability to better manage the key cycles and components of a business.

In this context, there are five major businesses processes that technology can improve:

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Purchasing/budgeting

To achieve on the goal of connecting the office, our philosophy is that mission critical services, such as Exchange, business applications and data protection should typically be virtualized (hosted). Any company under 100 employees should typically have a network only for collaboration (communication), to print, and to get access to the Internet - all other infrastructure and applications should generally be centralized at a utility. This reduces onsite support down to the desktop, thus greatly reducing ongoing support costs along with large technology infrastructure and software expenditures.

Connected Office

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