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   Advancing Healthcare Delivery

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Focused in Human Care & Health Care Delivery

Patient Care IT Systems

CYGLERA provides waiting room solutions that enhance patient care and efficiency in healthcare delivery. The Patient Care station automates the repetitive components of patient interviews within a medical office or hospital department improving the safety, quality and cost of the delivery of healthcare services.

Patient Care Stations assist you in:

  • Increasing physician speed
  • Consistent information gathering
  • Involving patients with their care
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Quality of life questions
  • Malpractice shield
  • Fraud and Abuse Prevention
  • Monitoring prescription of Controlled Substances
  • Hospitals
Patient Check-in Kiosk

The Patient Check-In Kiosk adds patient convenience, allowing them to identify themselves upon arrival at the facility, view and confirm demographic and insurance information, electronically sign consent documents and make payments.

All information entered by the patient flows seamlessly to the Healthcare Organization’s (HCO) back-end system, helping reduce administrative costs for the organization and minimizing the risk of error.

Patient-facing Kiosk Functions

• Appointment check-in
• Secure patient identification
• Real time demographics verification 

• Real time eligibility check

• Consent form viewing and e-signature
• Outstanding balance and co-pay collection                

• Alert notification

• Facility directions

• Prescription Refill Ordering

Healthcare Kiosk Management Tools   

• View currently checked-in patients
• Manage configuration and workflow
• View kiosk usage statistics
• Customizable user interface
• Define rules based workflow
• Integrated Multimedia Screensaver

Streamline Patient Check-in

The Patient Check-in Kiosk reduces the number of forms patients must complete during each visit, in turn reducing congestion at the front desk and wait time. It also reduces printing and storage costs, improves patient flow, increases the accuracy of the information gathered at check-in, and reduces duplicate data entry for the staff.

Easy to use kiosk peripherals like biometric devices, insurance card scanners and credit card readers help in correct patient identification. This also allows for electronic signing of consent forms and bill payment.

Improve Revenue Collection

By facilitating upfront collection of co-payments and other patient dues, the Patient Check-in Kiosk helps improve cash collections. Real-time eligibility check, demographic validation and bill payment eliminates the need for staff to re-enter patient information, resulting in fewer claim denials.

Protect Patient Privacy

The Patient Check-in Kiosk provides for patient privacy with biometric devices as a means of patient identification. The privacy filters makes the kiosk HIPAA compliant and ensures that the information can only be viewed by the patient standing directly in front of the Kiosk.

Automatic logging off when system exceeds user defined idle time limit, protects against exposure of patient data.

Improve Quality of Care

Health Management Alerts and targeted patient messaging enhance communications efficiency and quality of care.

Provide Directions

An important challenge faced by HCO’s is to help their visitors find their way around large and multi-site facilities. Patient Check-in incorporates a powerful solution for directory information. This solution allows patients to easily locate exam rooms, labs and other locations in the HCO, using their floor map.

Nutritional Portal

Promoting Health and Preventing Disease

Nutribasic provides nutrition, fitness and lifestyle wellness portal offering realistic, proactive approaches on empowering individuals to create proactively healthy lifestyles. It offers Prevention and Lifestyle Disease Management to increase the quality of life.


  • allow access to a very large database of nutritional food facts and exercises
  • the ability to be extremely personalized and adapt to the user’s needs
  • be an affordable and available anywhere anytime, 
  • and provide a connection between consumers and healthcare professionals


Physician Portal

Physician portal allows doctors to review patient tests (lab, x-ray, pathology results, etc.) without opening multiple EMR records, approve and write prescriptions, access educational news, investigate procedures and communicate via email.

Patient Portal

Cyglera healthcare portal allows patients to access a secure, personalized healthcare portal from anywhere with computer access and view lab results, access current health records, view/update appointments and schedules, refill prescriptions, examine current and past statements, receive lab result interpretations, efficiently share healthcare documentation, manage referrals, and receive and reply to notes – all from their own personal computer.

Ambulance Portal

Allows access to patient EHR using cell phone technology.

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