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   Advancing Healthcare Delivery

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Focused in Human Care & Health Care Delivery

iHelix MD

Quality of patient care is of primary importance to a physician.  When this can be accomplished in conjunction with an efficient, time-saving system your practice has the secret for success.  The Clinical Management Systems offered by Cyglera will not only improve care, but also profitability.  You will have complete and secure access to important information.

Our complete Clinical Management Systems are available for:

  • Primary Care - Physician Practices
  • Hospital Management Systems
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospital or Clinic Patient Self Registration Stations

Our Complete Clinical Management System with Electronic Health Record (EHR), is web-based with robust functionality and security criteria. It connects clinical, financial and operational information in real-time across your entire network.

iHelix Lite

iHelix lite is designed to work in offline mode. This helps physician and Nurse to perform their activities from location where internet is not available or not reliable.

iHelix lite is a perfect solution for mobile healthcare. The healthcare staff can download the data into their laptop or other mobile device and perform the activities without getting connected to the main system. At the end of day or anytime they can sync up with central server so that way the information is finally stored in central server.

iHelix Hospital

Designed to improve patient care and increase practice efficiency and profitability, our Clinical Management System makes it easy for healthcare providers to:

  • immediately verify patient identity and eligibility
  • capture patients’ complete medical histories
  • securely access and share reliable patient data
  • boost net revenue
  • provide efficient disease management, treatment and care  with disease management tools.

Our Clinical Management System and Patient Care Solutions can:

  • Provide ability to access a patient’s health record via a secure physician portal on any computer or PDA. It permits timely, informed decision-making—especially in situations such as emergencies or when questions arise after regular office hours.
  • Improve Practice Management by tracking what’s happening throughout your practice with a dashboard feature. By delivering real-time reporting at a glance, the dashboard gives practice administrators and clinical staff visibility into key performance indicators occurring across the entire system.
  • Be easy-to-use with a visual display ‘dashboard’ that lets you monitor practice activity and even test “what if” scenarios. Its ease of use reduces management time, allowing caregivers to spend more time with the patient.
  • Increase cash flow because it is custom fit to your workflow and includes best practice standards for patient encounter management. The web-based system is scalable to grow with your practice and receives online updates, so your technology is always up-to-date. By avoiding obsolescence, administrative costs can be reduced while productivity gains enhance financial performance.
  • Give patients access to their personal health information through the Personal Health Record (PHR) application of the Clinical Management System.

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