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SalusWell Brings Unique Online Lifestyle Health & Wellness Experience Transforming Preventable Lifestyle Diseases

Cyglera Health Systems, one of Canada’s provider of technology solutions specializing in enhancing healthcare delivery, is getting ready to launch a unique, collaborative lifestyle health management portal for unprecedented preventative lifestyle care and chronic disease management.

SalusWell’s unique lifestyle medicine concept will offer collaborative lifestyle medicine and a premium healthcare experience for individuals who want to take charge of their health and wellness. This will revolutionize healthcare by preventing lifestyle illnesses and fighting chronic diseases.

The core of this online lifestyle medicine portal is bringing physicians, dietitians and other health professionals together to help individuals manage chronic diseases and prevent illness. Healthcare professionals such as registered dietitians, physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants will pool together their expertise, credentials and experience to transform the health of individuals.

“In order to address the burden of lifestyle chronic disease, we have to have a team, and registered dietitian nutritionists must be part of that team,” said Dr. Masood, Cardiologist.

SalusWell Lifestyle Health & Wellness portal will deliver a lifestyle focused healthcare experience for healthier and happier individuals. The vision for SalusWell is to be a place where clients receive the best quality lifestyle medicine through collaborative efforts of registered dietitian nutritionists, physicians and other professionals. We want to revolutionize the way quality health care is provided. We are committed to this vision.

“At SalusWell, we take a holistic approach to nutrition, healthy eating and physical activities. It’s not just about calories or grams of fat. Instead, we look at the whole person — their lifestyle, background, and food preferences,” said Teresa Pangan, PhD, RDN, Senior Vice President, Operations. “We are committed to ensuring our clients receive the best lifestyle care possible. This means individualized recommendations based on evidence from nutrition research and delivered by top notch nutrition experts.”

SalusWell will offer something for everyone. Be it challenges of diabetes, cardiovascular health, weight management, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer or food allergies, to mention just a few. Clients will be able to get advice on preparing foods with appropriate ingredients to help with healthy eating in practice.

“For me simply, SalusWell is about empowering communities towards healthier and happier lives,” said Mick Majid, Founder & CEO. There needs to be a greater focus on lifestyle, prevention and better management of chronic diseases.”

That’s where SalusWell registered dietitian nutritionists come in. A team of wellness and nutrition experts who help others feel their best through individualized food and lifestyle changes that address their unique needs and health goals.

“In our research, many physicians and registered dietitians have referred to us as the engine that will revolutionize healthcare,” said Mick Majid. “We are proud to launch SalusWell Lifestyle Medicine Portal, which will help people achieve happier and healthier lives by adopting healthy lifestyles habits.”

Among SalusWell’s signature offerings:

We are changing the way you want to manage your health with a personal lifestyle care provider to prevent and manage your health challenges.

The focus here is on ever so important optimal management of blood sugar levels. Meal planning, timing and ratio of key food groups often play a major role.

Individualized medical nutrition therapy with evaluation of triglyceride level, LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio, density of LDL cholesterol, salt sensitivity, and diet quality are a few of the key factors for optimal management of heart and blood pressure health.

Identifying problem foods, deficiencies and restoring a compromised gut back to good health are frequently part of the focus for allergies and gut issues.

We do not have cookie cutter plans. Different plans work for different people. Our nutrition experts will work with you for a plan that fits your unique lifestyle and needs.

About SalusWell / Cyglera Health Systems

SalusWell is a product of Cyglera Health Systems, a privately held company. Cyglera is a pioneer in healthcare industry offering key experience that extend from developing medical software as Electronic Health Records. It now offers a full line of Lifestyle Health & Wellness Management services tailored to consumer needs. We are driven by a vision to empower people’s lives through fitness and health, making the communities it serves healthier and happier. SalusWell is poised for growth nationally and internationally.

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